Common FAQs

What you need to know about W Vault

Digital vaults are simply a digital safebox. It is a great way to secure and manage your digital assets and digital copies of your important stuff in an increasingly digital world. They provide a secure and centralized location for storing documents and other sensitive information, protecting against data breaches and compliance violations. Our digital vault solution, W Vault is designed to simplify your life. In addition to storing important information, there is also a dashboard that will allow you to see, track and assess your important information and notify the necessary people at the right time.

W Vault offers a secure digital space solely accessible via your login credentials, serving as an online safebox for safeguarding your crucial documents and information. It streamlines the organization and protection of your sensitive data in an increasingly digital environment. With heightened security measures against corruption, theft, and cyber threats, W Vault ensures the safety of your private information. The platform simplifies asset and liability management through pre-defined categories that facilitate the documentation of crucial details, enabling easy access or administration by your trusted contacts. Additionally, the customizable 'Others' category allows the inclusion of miscellaneous assets such as art, jewelry, and other valued possessions. Ultimately, W Vault aims to simplify and enhance the management of your life\'s important information.

W Vault enables convenient management of your assets and liabilities on-the-go. For instance, when you make a new investment, you can swiftly access your account, input essential details like bank/institution names, account and agent numbers, and upload related documents. Reflecting the investment's value enriches your dashboard, ensuring this information is captured for future reference. Modifications or deletions can be made if you sell or alter the investment later. Typically, we scatter asset and liability information across various platforms like apps, spreadsheets, or physical documents. W Vault consolidates all this data into one accessible location. In unforeseen circumstances, we commit to sharing this consolidated information with the individuals you've identified, ensuring they have it readily available (refer to notifier and access list explanations). For further inquiries, contact us at [email protected].

We recommend preparing your account information beforehand and having documents ready for easy upload when prompted. You have the flexibility to complete this process in one session or gradually over multiple visits. While we understand it may seem daunting, it's a crucial step to ensure both your financial security and that of your loved ones. W Vault offers various categories where you can upload PDFs and image files like JPG and PNG to validate information. For instance, in the property category, you might upload the title's first page and the signature page, or a document outlining details such as title storage, mortgage info, joint ownership, inheritance, and property-related wills. This feature enables you to securely store and manage crucial documents and information.

Wahine Capital will ensure that there is a sufficient transition time to enable the information you have on W Vault is securely transferred to you for your safekeeping.

Definitely not! Our focus is women. For the simple reason that women are more financially made vulnerable during unplanned life events such as divorce, illness, death. Women are generally less financially literate, women are less likely to own the family assets and so on. So, we believe it is crucial women are made aware of risks they face if they don’t plan ahead and think about their long term financial security. BUT of course, it is important that we have the men on board. Because they are our partners, our fathers, our sons, our brothers and very much a part of our lives. So, we welcome both men and women, young and old to subscribe to W Vault.

Absolutely! We want you to experience the security and convenience of WVault firsthand. Sign up for a free 1-month trial and explore all its features before committing to a paid plan.

At the end of your free trial, you'll be prompted to choose a paid subscription plan to continue using WVault. If you don't choose a plan, your access will be restricted.

Please contact Wahine Capital immediately upon occurrence of any of these events. We have a grace period of 14 days within which you can save your information (albeit not in the format provided in W Vault). After 14 days, the information and your account will be deleted.

You can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at any time. But to do so, please email Wahine Capital at [email protected]. If you upgrade mid-cycle, your initial plan subscription will remain the same until the end of the month and the new plan will change the subsequent month. If you downgrade, you'll enjoy the remainder of your current billing cycle before the new plan takes effect.